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For every form of analysis thatyou would perform, you will need data. Whether you want to do regression analysis or plot normal curves. Data is an important component of any data analysis. Data need not bein numerical values. It could be a group of pictures. For most of us, we use numerical data. This data has to be stored in files that can be exported to Matlab. Exporting the files to Matlab is one way of handling such tasks. What if the assignment required you to use Matlab in excel? Sounds very challenging. Not everyone can do this. But this is possible. Do you want to know how this is possible? Read this article, and by the end of it, you will have your answers.

How Matlab and excel can be used together.

There are three ways with which the two software can interface.

The first is by importing an excel file into Matlab. This way, you can transform the dataset into a matrix or any other form that is easy for mathematical manipulations.

The second way is through accessing Matlab from excel. This is the opposite of the first step, where we access an excel file from Matlab.

The final way is to package the excel code as an excel add-ins. Matlab compiler enables you to package functions made in Matlab to an excel add-in and perform an analysis in excel. With these add-ins, you won’t have to install Matlab in your system or have any knowledge of VBA.

Whichever method you use, it’s still effective in achieving the desired result. The second method is what this article is about.

How to access Matlab from excel.

Matlab builder ex is the short form of Matlab excel builder and is the Matlab application that loads Matlab into excel. You need this if you are to access Matlab in excel. Excel VBA is used to load Matlab from excel. Therefore, to use it, you must know the VBA.

How to load Matlab from excel

The process of creating and loading Matlab in excel is a very complicated one and would require you to master the excel object model structure. Here, we won’t delve into that. We only give you the guidelines on how things are done in excel.  With your workbook open, you can open VBA by pressing alt+f11 on the keyboard. In the VBA environment, you will have to create the function that loads the Matlab excel builder. Once you have the function, run it, and a Matlab console with a title Matlab excel builder will load. Sometimes it will take time, but you have to be patient. Remember, your goal was to access Matlab programmatically using excel, and that is what we have achieved. The console that loads though how simple it might look is essential in debugging and code creation. It also contains Matlab functions that you can load in excel and use for analysis.

Now that we have Matlab loaded in excel, we must be able to know its full functionality. We should have the capability of sending the data to Matlab in addition to executing Matlab commands from excel. Matlab functions should be easily evaluated from excel, and the results should be easily retrieved.  We should also be able to call an instance of a class, and call the methods of the class, handle errors during the methods call, and modify flags in our codes. In short, we must be able to do everything that Matlab can do in excel. We have the Matlab console in excel, so it shouldn’t be hard.

Graphical user interface window for the Matlab excel builder.

For the Matlab console that loads, it has the following menus file, project, build, component, and help.

File menu

The file menu enables the user to manage a Matlab builder ex project. It has the following options

  • New project. This is for the creation of a new project. Clicking on it opens that project dialog box where you are prompted to start adding M- files or MEX-FILES.
  • Open project. With this, you can load a file in the current directory.
  • Save project. This option saves the project that you are working on. Click on it to save the project at each progress.
  • Save As Project. It allows you to change the project name.
  • Close project. It only closes the project you are working on.
  • Close MXLTOOL. Used for closing the Matlab builder ex.

Project menu.

It provides options for managing the current project files. The options include.

  • Add file allows you to add an M-file and MEX-FILE
  • Edit file for editing a selected file.
  • Remove files is used for removing a file from the current project.
  • Settings options open the current projects settings

Build menu

The build menu is the tab that you can utilize when you want to build an excel add-in.  The options include:

  • Excel/COM files.
  • Clear build. It closes the window.
  • Open build log. This displays the status of an already save log file.

Component menu

This menu ensures the creation of a deployable application in excel. Its options are

  • Package component. It makes the project file ready for deployment.
  • Component info loads a dialogue box for the current project providing all its project components.


The help menu provides you with all the help you might need on the project that you are working on.

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