Mathematical Modelling

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In its simplest form, a model can be defined as a description of a system in mathematical terms. The process of creating a model is referred to as mathematical modeling. Mostly, mathematical models are used for prediction purposes. With the advancement in technology, it has become much easier to create a model.

Elements of a model.

Our mathematical modeling homework solution will always have the following elements.

  1. An equation. This is the main component of a mathematical model. This equation should contain all the variables that are needed for testing.
  1. Assumptions. A mathematical model is not an accurate measure of the real world. It works within certain assumptions. A good model will work perfectly well within the assumptions. Otherwise, it can be rejected easily.

General classifications of a mathematical model.

Most of the models for which any student seeks mathematical modeling using Matlab assignment help fall in either of the following categories.

  • Linear or non-linear model. Under this, we classify a model depending on the equation used. A model is linear if it exhibits linear characteristics and non-linear if it does not exhibit linear characteristics.
  • Discrete or continuous model. A discrete model will take discrete variables, while a continuous one will take continuous variables such as temperature.
  • Deterministic, probabilistic model and a hybrid model. A deterministic model does not exhibit any characteristic of randomness in the development of the future states of the data. Such a model will produce the same result no matter how many times it’s repeated. An example is a model that calculates the five-year return of an investment. A stochastic model, on the other hand, uses probability distributions. The aspect of randomness is great in this model. A hybrid model, on the other hand, is the one that incorporates the characteristics of the deterministic model and the stochastic model.
  • Static and dynamic model. A dynamic model accounts for time, while a static model is time-invariant. A static model does not have historical data of the input variables or the output variables, while a dynamic model has an internal history for the input variables and output variables.

Advantages of using a model.

  1. They form good decision-making tools. A manager can avoid investing in a project that would lead to losses.
  2. Results can easily be obtained within a short time.
  3. Since it’s used for testing the viability of a project, it can easily find out the weaknesses of a project.

Characteristics of a good model.

A model is, by no way, an accurate measure of predicting the future. In fact, there is nothing as tough as predicting the future. Models are a mere estimation of the future. We cannot adjudge the accuracy of a model easily. There are several features that a model must have. They are listed below.

  1. It should include all the important variables in the set problem.
  2. It should be simple and easy to comprehend.
  3. It should be easy to change the parameters of the model.

Common applications.

  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Archeology
  • Anthropology
  • Architecture
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Chemical engineering
  • Computer science.
  • Economics
  • Finance.

Matlab is software providing you with an environment to do all kinds of modeling. Examples of models you can build using MATLAB are linear and non-linear models. Matlab provides you statistics, optimization, curve fitting, ODE, PDE, and calculus tools, which are necessary for the development of a model. With Matlab, you can easily input data, develop the models, simulate it, and draw the various plots in Matlab. Thus, Matlab provides you with the resources needed to develop models for every discipline. Simulink provides an added environment for making a model.

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