Magnetic Levitation System project

Magnetic Levitation System

Magnetic levitation system

Have you ever tried to visualize the case of a high-speed train, energy-efficient which does not produce a high sound? This is a form of transportation that is environment friendly and highly cost-effective. Well, that is what the magnetic levitation system helps us to achieve. Magnetic levitation or maglev is a very innovative technology that was initially proposed more than a decade ago. However, it took long years for it to manifest and take root in the current world. It is one of the electronics engineering advanced topics that you may have probably come across. It is no surprise that the assignments related to maglev can be very challenging for most students. Do not shy away from asking help from us. We at Matlab assignment experts will offer you magnetic levitation system assignment help at an affordable price.

Magnetic levitation.

In simple terms, magnetic levitation means suspending an object above or below another object by the use of magnetic attraction or repulsion. The system uses magnetic forces to counteract gravitation. The magnetic system must provide sufficient force to ensure that the object is lifted from the ground. In addition, it must ensure that the object cannot slide sideways.

It is obvious that a magnet has a north pole and the South Pole. When two similar poles contact, it leads to repulsion. While opposite poles attract each other, this is the main idea that governs how the magnetic levitation works. Using the idea of repulsion, an object can be suspended in the air while by attraction, an object can move while still suspended.

Magnetic levitation application.

To better comprehend how the system works, it would be prudent to refer to some of its applications. Here are some of the magnetic levitation system application

 1. Magnetic levitation system train.

An example of this train is the Shanghai maglev train in China, which was created by Transrapid International in 2004. Transrapid international was the pioneer of magnetic levitation technology, and the Shanghai maglev was its first application of the technology in commercial transport. It has a top speed of 430km/hr. Such trains do not have wheels or engines and move through a guideway of magnets. These types of trains hold certain advantages to high-speed trains. First, they are still as fast as electric trains. The power needed to run such trains is relatively low, and they are environmentally friendly as they do not produce smoke or noise. However, the only disadvantage comes from the fact that constructing such systems can be very expensive, but a maglev vehicle is cheaper than the other train vehicles due to the omission of wheels and engines.

In China, plans are underway to construct other magnetic levitation trains.

2. Micro-robotic

This is another field where the idea of magnetic levitation can be applied. However, researchers in this field are still exploring the concept and the technological application has not become as significant as in rail transport.

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