High Availability Design

High Availability Design

High availability is that characteristic of a system, which wants to make sure that an agreed level of uptime is maintained, and hence gives better operational performance for a higher-than-normal period. Advancement of technology has enabled an increased reliance on such systems. There are several examples of such systems like hospitals, e-commerce websites and data centers, which require very high availability of systems in order to perform routine activities. Here, availability means the ability of the users of the system to obtain a good or a service, have system access, to submit new work or update and/or alter existing work, or to collect results from previous work. If, under any circumstances, a user is unable to access the system, then the system is not available from the users’ perspective. Often, downtime is the term used for such periods of time when a system is not available.

An overview of the high availability (HA) design is provided here, for further details you can visit:

Any System for design of Operational Analytics uses following components designed for redundancy:

  • Highly available network interfaces
  • Mirrored volume groups for internal storage
  • Dual active RAID controllers
  • Redundant network switches
  • Quad-port Fibre Channel adapters
  • RAID arrays for external storage
  • Redundant SAN switches
  • Dual hot-swappable power/cooling units

Designing any High Availability System requires best classical Six Sigma designing and reliability techniques, as elucidated in many of our High Availability Design Assignemtn Help Solutions. Though it prioritizes on the technical parts, we also need to consider the business as well as market constraints which require the systems to be designed right way at the outset. Some topics which include considerations are reliability of the design, probability and discrete random variables. Here are some other relevant and important areas on which we get assignment help requests in MATLAB:

  • Markov state diagram
  • Mean time between failures (MTBF)
  • Mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Monte Carlo analysis and Monte Carlo Simulation in MATLAB
  • Probability distribution in MATLAB
  • Systems Reliability

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