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Let us first begin by understanding what HDL is. HDL stands for hardware description language and is a computer language more like C++ and python, the difference being that HDL includes the aspect of time. Otherwise, the structure of the code looks similar to these programming languages. It is used specifically in electronic circuits. There are two major types of HDL – Verilog and VHDL.

HDL vs. programming languages.

There are a lot of similarities between the software programming languages and HDL, but they still have some distinct differences. First, software programming languages are normally single-threaded and have little support for concurrency. On the other hand, HDL is concurrent and can handle multiple parallel processes.

Secondly, they both use a compiler, but the difference comes with the goals. An HDL compiler is meant to specifically transform the HDL code into a physically realizable gate netlist. A software compiler converts the code into a microprocessor specific code. However, the difference between the two software has been gradually decreasing

As a programmer or a beginner, it’s always important to remember when writing an HDL code that you are programming for the hardware. Therefore, ensure that you know more about the hardware that you intend to write. Debugging will even be faster if you have a good idea of the hardware.

An HDL code must always conform to the following three styles.

  1. Structural design: describes the logical structure to be used. In addition, it describes how the terms of the logic structure and the interconnect wiring are used to connect logic gates to form a netlist.
  2. Dataflow: describes how the data moves in and out of the systems. That is the input and the outputs in the systems.
  3. Behavior: the behavior of the circuit is defined using algorithms. 

HDL code Matlab.

Matlab is one of the software that offers tremendous scope to solve wide ranging mathematical problems if anyone has the knowledge of its concepts.  It can also be used to generate an HDL code. In Matlab, you can generate an HDL code using an HDL coder and filter the design created by HDL coder. HDL coder can be used to generate lines of code from Matlab or Simulink. HDL coder gives you the tool for automatic verification of the source code. Get more help on using the HDL coder from the HDL workflow advisor. In addition, you can debug your code using Logic Analyzer in both Matlab and Simulink. Our HDL code generation and verification in Matlab homework help experts have a good knowledge in using Matlab to generate the codes.

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