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What is FPGA? The term FPGA stands for field-programmable gate array.  From the term field-programmable, we can discover that FPGA is designed to be easily programmable by students and designers. There is a specific configuration required to program FPGA known as Verilog HDL, which is the standard programming language used to program FPGA.   It also includes an array of programmable logic and reconfigurable interconnect for connecting the logic gates so that they can perform a specific function.  Therefore, we can conclude that FPGA is nothing but logic blocks that are easily programmable.

The origin of FPGA could be said to be in the 1980s. The first company to be creditedwith designing of the first FPGA was ALTERA in 1983. However, Xilinx invented the first commercial FPHA two years later. The two companies became dominant in producing FPGAs until the mid-1990s when other competitors sprouted. More consumers could now access the products.

Why should anyone use FPGA?  They are used when a person needs to optimize a chip for a specific workload. It can be used for a wide range of applications. It can design a processor until it’s final and bug-free.

Benefits of FPGA

  1. Easily programmable.

The biggest advantage FPGA has compared to its competitors is that it is  easily  programmable at the hardware level, while others such as ASICs can be programmed at the software level. A customer or a designer can program FPGA to do anything that he/she wants.

  1. High performance.

FPGAs exploit parallelism to give it a very fast performance that exceeds that of ASICS. It provides faster implementations than an ASIC.

  1. Simple and fast design process.

Learning FPGA is not as complicated as one might think. For ASICs, it involves a lot of complicated steps for designing, verification, and implementation. FPGA avoids these time consuming and complex processes. In addition, each FPGA design vendor gives tutorials and guidelines for using FPGA. Therefore, the time it takes to familiarize yourself with FPGA concepts could be very little.

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