Fixed-Point Design

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Following is the list of topics in Fixed-Point Design in which we provide Project Help and Homework  Assignment Help.

  • Fixed-Point Support for MATLAB System Objects
  • Fixed-Point Signal Processing
    • Fixed-Point Features
  • Fixed-Point Filter Design
    • Floating-Point to Fixed-Point Filter Conversion
    • FIR Filter Using Integer Coefficients
    • Fixed-Point Filtering in Simulink
  • Arithmetic Operations
    • Two’s Complement
    • Multiplication
    • Addition and Subtraction
    • Modulo Arithmetic
    • Casts
  • Fixed-Point Concepts and Terminology
    • Scaling
    • Fixed-Point Data Types
    • Precision and Range
  • Fixed-Point Attributes for Blocks
    • System-Level Settings
    • Data Types
    • Inherit via Internal Rule
    • Fixed-Point Block Parameters
  • Quantizers
    • Vector Quantizers
    • Scalar Quantizers