Matlab Expression Test Vectors.

Matlab is a powerful programming language that is an asset to everyone taking an engineering or a science course. With it, you are capable of doing simple mathematical manipulations to complex ones that involve a large amount of data. As an electronic student, you will need to design systems that really work in the real world. If you are using Matlab, this is not a hard task as long as you are knowledgeable about using it.

Once you have everything in place, you need to test the design. How will you know if it’s functioning or not? A test can be a sure way to know if the design s really working. This is, however, part of the tedious process involved in designing a system that cannot be neglected. Otherwise, it could lead to catastrophic accidents in future. One way of testing a system in Matlab is using test vector.

What are test vectors?

An instinctual question that you have on anything new that you come across for the first time is, what is it. Let’s satisfy your desires by defining what test vectors are. Say you have designed and think everything is correct. How will you ascertain this? How do you know if there are errors that bypassed your debugging process? Errors sometimes can be in the code of the design. It’s normal, and they have to be corrected to ensure design functions effectively.

In the case of a system, it’s a set of inputs that are provided to parameters model to test the system. Test vectors are not restricted to the hardware part of the system. It can be used on the software part where it’s defined as the methodology of software testing and validation. Thus, before availing anything off to the public, it has to be tested, and all its capabilities are known. That is what test vectors do.


Let’s clarify things by making them much easier for you. Say we have a system that can be modelled to a function. Take a simple function such as y= f(x). In this function, the output is y and f(x) is the input. Therefore if we are to test the system, we have to change the inputs and observe the output. If it helps in achieving the desired result, then we can conclude that the system is working as desired. If we are testing a system, the various types of test vectors have to be applied.

Types of test vectors.

Normally, there are three types of test vectors. There are functional test vectors, automatic test pattern generation test vectors, and scan check patterns. Functional test vectors are more like the example that we gave above. They are a faction that models the whole design. Since the designer is the one who knows how the design is, it’s recommended that he/she be the one that creates the models using a preferred programming language. C could be used, but it would be better to use Matlab because of its prominence use in many scientific institutions and the fact that it was developed to help in such projects.

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