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 Digital signal processing.

Digital signal processing is the use of computers to process signal information. Signal processing involves doing manipulation, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Normally, the signal to be processed has to be in numeric form.

Digital signal processing is one of signal processing subfields, which also includes analog signal processing. It can involve linear and non-linear operations. Some applications of digital signal processing include spectral estimation, sonar and radar processing, data compression, audio coding, and image compression.

When compared to analog signal processing, digital signal processing allows for many advantages over analog signal processing such as error detection and data compression. This makes digital signal processing so fundamental in digital technology.

For the data to be availed for digital processing, it has to be collected. Analog products are used to collect real-world data. The data is then converted to digital by use of analog to digital converters. From there, digital signal processors can take over. Therefore, a digital signal processor takes analog data from the real world, which have been digitized, and uses the data for manipulations.

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