Data File in MATLAB and Plotting

As a first step to everything, the data file which you need to work upon needs to be imported into MATLAB software application. Import Tool in Mathworks lets the user to preview and then import data from a plethora of inputs sources like spreadsheets, comma/tab delimited files, fixed width text files to name a few. You can then select the data interactively, to import and subsequently re-use the function or script which MATLAB generates to import the files. Images can also be imported into MATLAB for further processing.

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Here’s a sample code for your quick reference:

D = importdata(filename)

D = importdata(‘-pastespecial’)

D = importdata(___,delimiterIn)

D = importdata(___,delimiterIn,headerlinesIn)

[D,delimiterOut,headerlinesOut] = importdata(___)

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Plotting in MATLAB:

After data is imported into MATLAB® workspace, we should plot that data i order to some exploratory research on types, trends and patterns. Such exploratory plotting of data enables the user to identify things like variable relationships, potential outliers, discontinuities and areas of interest as well. These plots are displayed in MATLAB figure window. There are various types of MATLAB Plots to study figure windows. Furthermore, there a host of interactive and intuitive tools readily available in MATLAB which can be used for editing / customizing graphics. Hence Data File in MATLAB and Plotting Assignment Help is one of the most popular queries posted by our clients.

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