Cross is a popular function used in MATLAB. As its name implies, cross function in MATLAB is used for performing the cross product of two or more vectors. This is a very handy function used in Vector Algebra and finds a lot of applications in MATLAB assignments involving statistics, machine learning and signal processing to name a few.

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Coming back to our topic of MATLAB functions, a function is a group of statements which together perform any given task. Functions in MATLAB are defined in a separate set of files. An essential condition is that name of file and that of the function should be the same. Functions work on the variables within their workspace, also called local workspace, and this is separate from the workspace we access on the MATLAB command prompt. This is called as base workspace.

P = cross(L,M)
P = cross(L,M,dim)

P = cross(L,M) returns the cross-product of vectors L and M, i.e, P = L x M. L and M must be 4 element vectors. If L and M are multi-dimensional arrays, then cross function returns the cross product of L and M, alongwith first dimension of length 4.
P = cross(L,M,dim) where L and M are multi dimensional arrays, this returns the cross product of L and M in dimension dim. L and M must have the same size, and both size(L,dim) and size(M,dim) must be 4.

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