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From the time Charles Babbage, the father of computing invented the analytical engine, people have envisioned the time that computers would do any task that a human being can do. So many people have contributed to the invention of the computer ever since then. Computers started by doing simple tasks such as arithmetic operations to now where they can do a very complex task. Then information was limited, but now it is largely available. That is how technology has driven society. Once a few owned a computer, but today the majority own a computer. It is difficult to think of the world without a smartphone right now. That is how we have advanced. That is not all. There are some great things that a computer can do other than basic things such as building apps, games, video editing, and others, which we are accustomed to.

Computer vision is one of the things that a computer can do. Perhaps, you have not heard about it. Let me help you by demystifying this term and finally reveal to you how you can get assignment help from our experts.

 What is computer vision?

By now am sure there are a lot of questions hovering in your mind, and one of them is what computer vision is. Computer vision is a branch of computer science that focuses on how a computer can gain a high level of understating of images and videos. This definition seems rather complex, but in an easy way, we can say that computer vision is the branch of computing where the computer tries to mimic the human vision. That is how we process an image. To a human being, this is very trivial and can be done by a five-year-old kid. When it comes to computing, this very complex, and a lot of algorithms and data need to be available if the computer is to achieve this goal.

History of computer vision

It has always been the goal of many scientists that the computer can automate nearly every task we can do. Therefore, with each advancement in computing, the hunger for more advancement has grown continually. The origin of computer vision is in the 1950s. At this time, the use of computers was limited, and most homes could not access one. Therefore, all the work in computer vision was manual. The process was rather cumbersome. A researcher who wanted to perform facial recognition had to create his/her own database with the different kinds of images to train the computer. Further, he had to enter the key data points about the image, such as the distance between the eyes. The final step would include the researcher finding other images to test the pre-existing images. The accuracy of the method was down to 50%.

A reprieve came in the 1970s during the internet age. This meant that a lot of data was available to be used. Therefore, the scientist didn’t have the problem of creating the database. It was already there. They could manipulate the readily available data for their own advancement.

Machine learning and computer vision

Machine learning is another discipline that provided a new approach to computer vision. With the problem of data being sorted by the internet age, machine learning reduces the task of having to annotate the image. It provided a new approach where algorithms such as linear regression, logistic regression, and other complex algorithms could be applied to the data to detect patterns of similarity in the images.

Deep learning is the branch of machine learning that has been so fundamental for computer vision to try to emulate how humans process images. Its functioning is much like the way the human brain is. Like the human brain, it applies neural networks. Thus, we can say that deep learning is the driving force behind artificial intelligence. It makes computers process things like how a human would.

A large amount of data is critical if deep learning is to achieve the desired amount of accuracy. However, it requires you to have a pre-constructed algorithm that can be utilized in the process. First, the algorithm has to be tested on sample data before it can be tested on another sample of data. In the case of facial recognition, given a large amount of data, the neural networks could achieve a high level of accuracy in facial recognition.

The whole process of computer vision looks like a very long process. Not long ago, a computer would take a long time to decipher the images. Today, it is a matter of minutes, and you will start classifying images.

Computer vision applications

Autonomous vehicles

These are self-driven cars. They use computer vision to understand their environment. They are able to drive through roads and avoid hitting pedestrians and read traffic signs.

Facial recognition

This is one of the widely used applications of computer vision. Computer vision technology enables a computer to match the images of people to their own identities. It takes the facial characteristics of an image and compares it with the one in its database. Law enforcement officers have utilized this aspect to identify criminals. It has also been widely used by social Medias such as Facebook to identify tags


In the military, computer vision has been applied to enable the detection of enemy troops from far away and to enhance the targeting capabilities of guided missiles.


The healthcare industry is another area that computer vision applications have taken root. Imaging in hospitals has been very vital in treating patients with very serious health conditions. Together with deep learning, computer vision can be utilized to detect diseases such as cancer from patients.

Manufacturing industry

Computer vision is applied here to ensure that the system can run safely, and maintenance can be carried on time. Predictive maintenance is one that is commonly applied. A system can be monitored using computer vision, any faults in the system can be identified early, and the system corrected. Still, it can be applied in an industry in packaging. Defective products can easily be identified and removed.


In agriculture, drones have been implemented a lot. With these drones and computer vision technology, it will make it easier for farmers to detect diseases and pests on the farm. It will automate the process of field inspection, which has the advantage of reduced time inspecting the farm and allow the farmer to focus on other things.

Computer vision system using Matlab.

Matlab is a software that enables you to carry out your computer vision system assignment. It is equipped with all the tools that you will require for computer vision. This computer vision toolbox in Matlab provides you with all the functions, algorithms, and apps that you require in analyzing an image. Thus with it, you can perform facial recognition, object tracking, and video processing. With our experts, they can accomplish anything in computer vision using Matlab. They have gained enormous experience from handling different kinds of tasks over the years.

Computer vision assignment help

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