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In a business-related course or a management course, you are more likely to find communication systems subjects. Effective communication is always necessary if the business is to perform well. That is why most managers must have good communication skills. This is what communication systems equips the learner with.

 What is a communication system?

Communication system is the channel to convey a piece of information from one group to another within an organization. The objective of communication is to ensure the receiver truly understands the message. If the receiver cannot understand the message, then there is no communication.

Effective communication

A good communication system must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Clarity. The communicator must convey the message in a clear way. It should be crafted in a language that the receiver can understand.
  1. Adequate. The information that is to be conveyed should be adequate for the receiver. Partial information can be dangerous in business.
  1. Message consistency: the message should always be in line with the business and follow the proper channels. There should be no room for contradictions, which could pose a challenge to the business.
  1. Feedback. This is what shows that the receiver received the information. It could be positive or negative and can reveal if the message was understood as initially intended by the communicator.
  1. Understanding of the receiver. The message should be crafted in such a way that the receiver knows what the communicator wants.
  1. Consultation. This will help create a better insight into the message.

Digital communications

Advancement in technology has revolutionized and expanded the means of communications. Businesses have social networks, the internet, and emails at their disposal. The advantage of these digital means is that they are faster and less expensive. Today, market feedback can be obtained nearly instantly.

Importance of a communications system.

The following are the importance of a communications system to an organization:

  1. Communication can be used to motivate employees to increase their performances. In addition, directions within an organization are transmitted through communication. Under performing employees’ within an organization can be trained to increase their performance.
  1. Communication can be used to alter the behavior of employees within an organization. Employees need to follow certain principles to perform their jobs efficiently.
  1. Communications play a major role in socializing. It has been widely understood that no individual can live on their own. Therefore, an individual cannot live without communication.
  1. By communicating with the stakeholders of a company, managers are able to get valuable information, which they can use in decision-making.

If there is to be effective communication within a business, there needs to be good management of the way information is passed and received through the various departments of an organization. All the barriers that impede effective communication should be carefully analyzed, and precautionary measures should be taken to avoid them.

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