Automatic Tracking Algorithm Project

Automatic Tracking Algorithm Project

The problem with Automatic tracking algorithm in the current scenario is that there is no system that can automatically and completely execute this task. If we are talking about an automatic tracking algorithm then it symbolizes a shift from the current analog, human intensive security, and disconnected surveillance systems to fully automated, networked and digital system. This kind of security system is basically a camera intensive security system that consists a network of cooperating cameras that is controlled by a computer software. Automatic tracking is achieved completely by PTZ cameras. PTZ stands for pan, tilt, and zoom cameras. But automated target acquisition is attained by the cooperation of the PTZ cameras. A large number of algorithms have been proposed in the past to extend camera views in order to track and maintain records in a large area. Some of the algorithms proposed previously are as follows: –

  • Proposal of a method that aligns the ground plane through many views in order to arrive at common coordinates for multitude of cameras.
  • There was a proposal of a fast image registration algorithm between the image from a PTZ camera and the background images taken from the database.

But the fact is that most tracking algorithms cater only to the need of fixed cameras and work mostly on the basis of adaptive background subtraction and generation. Taking into consideration the above facts, we can say that problems are numerous in creating an algorithm that caters to automatic tracking projects. But Matlab offers a ray of hope. We know that the Matlab software provides the facility of visual imagery for the problem and problem solution. This feature of the Matlab software is helping it from all the possible ways to arrive at the common automatic tracking algorithm that overcomes all the above-stated problems. While hindrances are many, but there is certainly the ray of hope given that a large number of research and development activities involving Matlab is going on.

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