Automatic Tracking Algorithm Project

Automatic tracking algorithm project.

In the current age, the primary goal of technology is to ensure that a computer can do every task that could have been done by a human. This means automation in the current generation. Perhaps you have come across what most people say- the age of machines. This means machines will take over and do all the tasks primarily done by human beings.

This is the reason why it has been dubbed as the age of machines. Though it has not arrived, there is strong evidence to conclude that the age of machines is inevitable to come. One such example is the video surveillance, which imitates automatic tracking. It has been applied to replace the work traditionally done by guards.

Automatic tracking

Automatic tracking implies the use of computer software to follow the characteristics of an object normally referred to as the target. If could be a human being or a pen. It has been used vastly in radar tracking technologies to track the movement of the target with respect to the tracking station. Before automatic tracking begins, there needs to be a dataset in place, giving all the accurately measured parameters of the target. However, an error might still exist in the parameter settings. The use of automatic tracking is common in computer science projects. For instance, one can use OpenCV to track someone who is sleeping. Automatic tracking has not gone without its challenges. Besides the challenge of getting the exact parameters of the tracked object, there is also a challenge in the visibility of the object with respect to the environment.

Another place where automatic tracking has been applied is in video surveillance. Real-time tracking of an object is now possible, and there have been various approaches used, which are adaptive threshold techniques, successive frames differences, and using neural networks. In recent times, infrared images have been applied to improve the process. Multiple cameras have proved resourceful for surveillance of large areas. However, such cameras need to be programmed by the use of the software. Matlab is one of the software that can be used.

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