Antenna Physical Characteristics

Antenna’s physical characteristics project help.

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When defined in simple terms, an antenna is a device that receives and transmits electromagnetic waves. Sometimes electromagnetic waves are referred to as radio waves. Transmission of the electromagnetic waves could be in all horizontal directions (omnidirectional antenna) or in a specific direction (directional antenna).

Today, the use of an antenna is vast, and it is safe to say they are used everywhere. Take, for instance, a device that is commonly used by the majority – a mobile phone. This is a wireless device that uses wireless communications. Wherever there is wireless communication, there must be an antenna involved in ensuring the success of wireless communication.

Antennas have become the core of part in today’s communications, as they are the simplest method to transfer signals. They are the most feasible way to wireless communications.

Characteristics of an antenna

What we refer to as the characteristics of an antenna are the basic parameters of an antenna. Irrespective of its applications, they must have these fundamental parameters.

1. Radiation pattern.

It is important to note that the radiation of each antenna will not be equal in all directions. There are some directions where the radiation will be weak and have no effect. It is represented by the field strength, which is measured at different points from the antenna.

2. Antenna pattern

It could be omnidirectional, isotropic, broadfire, and endfire.

3. Antenna polarization

Antenna polarization refers to the initial orientation of the electric field of the radio waves. Sometimes the antenna polarization of an electric field is not specified. In this case, the direction of the maximum gain is considered.

4. Directivity and gain

Hypothetically, all antennas are Omni directional. That is, all the radio waves are transmitted equally in all directions. In reality, this does not exist. That is why we have to measure the directivity of the antenna, which is the maximum radiation power concentration in the direction with the highest radiation power concentration.

Gain, on the other hand, is defined as the ratio of a specific direction radiation intensity to the antenna’s radiation intensity if it were isotropic. Directivity is also utilized in finding the gain of an antenna. Gain is measured in dB

5. Antenna impedance.

Caution should be exercised to ensure a match exists between antennas’ input impedance and its transmission line. Otherwise, it could result in the system degrading as a consequence of reflected power.

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